bad thingsAs time goes on, the Aaron Hernandez story becomes filled with more and more very bad things.  While Hernandez himself has done just about everything possible to make himself LOOK guilty there are still many questions yet to be answered.  Among them, why did the Patriots draft him in the first place?  These very bad things are just the latest apparently in a long line of un-Patriot like behavior stemming from his college years and probably even before that.

When the news started to trickle out about Hernandez and his possible involvement in the death of Odin Lloyd, I ran across and article in which the author pointed out that during the NFL Draft where the Patriots took Aaron Hernandez, that red flags were present and well known.  There were several teams that would not take Hernandez because of them.  The red flags stemmed from his reported ties to gang activity and involvement with both fighting and guns.  It was later reported that while at Florida, his then teammate Tim Tebow tried to stop him from getting into a bar fight with a bouncer.  This was just one of the things that came up during the draft.  For reasons as yet unclear, the Patriots chose to overlook these red flags and take a chance on Hernandez.  The usually very careful Patriots who are well known for their insistence that players tow the "Patriot line."  As yet, I've been unable to find a credible explanation why they would make this move knowing what they did.  But they did and on we move.

Years pass in which Hernandez has some scrapes with the law and even a lawsuit from a man claiming Hernandez shot him in the face that just seemingly pops up out of nowhere.  Hernandez has acceptable on the field production and his off the field activities are seemingly in check.  Which brings me to the next question, someone who is renting apartments, cars and hanging out with the people that he was obviously hanging out with, someone had to know more about what was going on?  Did he have such power over people that they were afraid to talk or afraid he would cut off their supply of hush money or something else?  It sounds like something out of a mob movie.  But people knew, people always know in these situations.

Then we come to the death of Odin Lloyd.  In the aftermath, Hernandez made himself appear as guilty as possible.  Rental cars, rented apartment, videos with the victim, calls to two other alleged suspects, gunshots heard by neighbors, destruction of home security systems, cell phone destroyed, house cleaners called in.  Seriously, you couldn't write an anymore damning chain of events.  How could someone who probably has been getting away with who knows what over the past few years all of a sudden turn into a complete moron?  Probably because he always was one.

Aaron Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  He, himself, has made it appear that he is guilty already.  The Patriots cut him faster than Dwight Howard can pick a new team.  They issued all sorts of platitudes but little explanation as to why they took him in the first place.  He will have his day in court.  It will be then that the rest of us find out just how many very bad things are still in the dark.