no returnAlex Rodriguez reached the point of no return a long time back but apparently he doesn't know it yet.  It happened when he went on the DL this last time.  Many people think it was when his name was mentioned in connection with the Miami PED clinic but no it was well before then.

A-Rod was already tarnished by the PED brush.  In fact, he was pretty much covered in the paint of it before his last trip to the DL.  One injury after another, one story after another, one hitless and lackluster performance after another.  For all the money the Yankees were paying him, he was delivering little more than bad press.  New York is a "any press is good press kind of town" witness the Jets on a daily basis, but in baseball when expectations are set that high then delivery of world championships is expected and not by a guy who allegedly never stopped using steroids.

So A-Rod and the Yankees get into a Twitter fight in which he claims they don't want him back on their team and that they are deliberately holding up his rehab assignment so that they can figure a way to dump him.  The Yankees GM in a roundabout way tells A-Rod to shut up.  A few short days later miraculously A-Rod appears at a rehab assignment.  Coincidence, I think not.  The Yankees have to make a show of at least trying to give him a chance to come back before they dump him and you can bet your last dollar that is what they intend to do.  So far his performance has been exactly what it was before he went on the DL, forgettable.  But hey at least he's making some new friends by picking up the dinner tabs with all that money the Yankees are STILL paying him.

Rodriguez still has four years on his current Yankee contract.  There have been those who suggest he could retire citing being medically unable to play and collect what he is owed but I doubt that happens. The Yankees have come out post the Cashman shut up Tweet and said that if A-Rod is healthy the Yankees want him back on the team.  He has 20 games to get through and he will undoubtedly take every one of them at the rehab level given his poor starting performance.

The Yankees are over a barrel with the loss of Teixeira and Youklis and still in the playoff hunt at this moment.  If a healthy Rodriguez presents himself say by the end of July, they will surely bring him back to the team and see what happens.  Unfortunately, for the Yankees and for their fans, he will not be the answer to their ailing roster prayers nor will he ever be the player he once was.  The point of no return is long gone.