Deborah Horton

Deborah Horton is an editor and freelance writer who has written online for the past 15 years.  She has devoted the past 10 years to sports writing and blogging online.  Deborah also writes poetry and is in the process of publishing a book of her work .  She is also working on the proverbial novel.  Deborah is also a mother to 3 teenage boys and lives in the last best place, Montana.  She enjoys watching all sports and playing fantasy sports games online.  Deborah has written online at MLB Blogs, ESPN SportsNation, BrooWaha Hawks Highlights, and more.  You can read more of her writing and find out how to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and more by visiting Deborah Horton Writing


Dustin Hull

Dustin is a Florida high school student who enjoys sharing his views of topics from the world of sports. He currently blogs on ESPN's Sportsnation, Orble.com, and here for Front Office Blogs, and also has previously blogged on Wordpress and Sportsblognet. Dustin has a specific passion for baseball and college football, but also stays current in many other sports. Dustin wishes to carry on in sports as a journalist or a scout in baseball once he is done playing athletics.

Rob Jennings

Rob Jennings is a current resident of Las Vegas NV and has been blogging online for 5 years with ESPN providing an unbiased objective view of sports before meeting and joining the online blogging group Front Office Blogs. His key writing contributions are to the game of basketball, fairness, and objectivity at all levels of athletics. Rob began blogging to replace his desire to play basketball and has been following the Los Angeles Lakers as a kid since 1980.

R.V.Daniels, Sr.

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Kevin Davis


Kevin Davis is a blogging rookie who loves the world of sports.  He began watching sports when he was a little kid and played football at several levels including semi-professional. Currently resides in Florida with his wife and two kids. He tries to blog from a common sense perspective and uses humor and analogies in his blogs to convey his message. He finds his love for sports growing as he takes a deeper look at sports and how it relates to common sense and how his family may view things.  

Abram Chamberlai n

Abram Chamberlain grew up in and around Boston, MA, before attending Tuskegee University in Alabama.  He graduated in 2002 with a degree in English, and now teaches English Language Arts in Alabama.  One of the only bloggers to blog about Major League Soccer over at ESPN's Sportsnation, he has a depth of knowledge on soccer, college football, college basketball, the NFL, and the NBA.  He regularly attends Auburn Universities football games and coaches high school soccer and basketball. Follow him on twitter @ThatMLSGuy.


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Jacob is a high school student from Alabama that specializes in writing about college football. His favorite team is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Jacob is an aspiring sports journalist and has blogged on ESPN's sportsnation page. Jacob also enjoys playing football, basketball, and soccer.


Marc is a high school student with aspirations to be a sports commentator.  His unique insight comes from the perspective of an Iowa fan living in Ohio.  He is also a member of the WCWT 107.3 FM Centerville radio crew, his high school radio station, and he broadcasts his high school's football games every Friday.  He started his blogging on ESPN in August 2010 and has been a contributor to Front Office Blogs since September 2010.  College football is his specialty with the  NFL and NBA being his secondary interests.

Peter Lefko

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Enrie is currently living in Las Vegas,NV and has been blogging for a little over 2 years now.  He loves blogging mostly about NFL and NBA as he keeps the most up to date information on those sports. In addition to blogging here at Front Office Blogs, he also blogs at ESPN SportsNation.  Enrie's goal is to be blogging full time so the more followers and readers, the more information he can put out to the world.


Im Sergio from Texas born in 1995. I’m writing blogs to express my opinions because not a lot of people I know really know what I’m talkin about. I enjoy writing lyrics, playing guitar, piano, and saxaphone, and playing sports when I can’t think of anything to write about. I am a comedian around my friends but when it’s time to get serious, I get serious. I don’t intend to mature, though I am responsible, because of the fact that I believe that if you can’t control it, your inner child will suffocate and die, and if I do mature I doubt I can control it. So, most people see me as a little kid in a 15 year old body. That’s all I can think of so I guess I’m done. Peace from Sergio.