Written by Robert Jennings | 23 October 2010

LeBron JamesAll to often coaches talk about players not having the heart and that inner drive that it takes to be a champion. Fathers tell this same sentiment to their children to search for that inner championship drive and all to often we mock the failure of others in life for failing to have this trait. We all have knocked LeBron James for not having that inner championship drive that drove Michael Jordan’s Championship success. Or for LeBron being a true champion by leaving and going to play elsewhere to try to win he won’t be in the same conversation as Jordan. Maybe LeBron doesn’t need to be in the same conversation Jordan because he’s not selfish, maybe Jordan doesn’t need to be in the same conversation with LeBron James because he is a team player a more complete player? no comments


Written by Dustin Hull | 23 October 2010

TigersJordan Hare Stadium will be rocking this Saturday, as the Auburn Tigers take on possibly their toughest, and their highest ranked, opponent yet this season. In steps LSU, the other Tigers, also with a spotless record coming into this Saturday, escaping out of the jaws of defeat multiple times this season to remain un-beaten. The game will not only pin the top two ranked teams in the SEC, but could decide who goes to the conference championship in December. There may be a few big games besides this key match-up, including the number one team in the country (at least in the BCS) Oklahoma going on the road to take on perfect Big 12 foe Missouri, but all eyes should be on the Tigers. no comments


Written by Deborah Horton | 23 October 2010

Falcons FlagHere we go, another week of embarassment for me and laughs for the readers :)

Bengals at Falcons - The Falcons will likely be thin in the defensive secondary, but with Palmer throwing 2 to 3 INTs per game, it may not matter. It will be a close, tough game, but I think the Falcons come out with the win.

Steelers at Dolphins - Big Ben is back but he may not be 100% locked in yet. The Dolphins have been on a roll so far this season. This one looks to be a battle all the way. I'm giving the edge to the Steelers but wouldn't be surprised in the least if the Dolphins get the win.

Bills at Ravens - This will be ugly for the Bills. Look for them to get rolled and rolled big by the Ravens. no comments


Written by Deborah Horton | 23 October 2010

FireworksHello and welcome to the newest General Sports blog at Bloguin - Front Office Blogs - where just about every sport you can imagine is covered by some of the best sportswriters on the Internet.

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