March MadnessIt's almost that time.  Time to pick your March Madness brackets.  The selection show is approaching and the teams will be set.  Then millions of wanna be sports experts will descend on many sites around the Internet to fill out their brackets hoping to get them all right.  But wait there's more....

Hopefully, all these self proclaimed experts have watched one or two college basketball games this season.  Let's go with the premise that they have.  In doing so, they would have seen countless upsets of ranked teams by the unranked masses.  Time and again a ranked team was put down by the unexpected underdog.  The rankings were as shifting as the ocean sands.  Chants of we're number 1 went on for about a day or two before another school picked it up because they were number 1 now.  

As the selections come out, so called experts will tell you that this college or that college has the edge in winning it all.  They will try to guide your decisions towards the bracket promised land.  The temptation to pick the higher ranked team in a match up may prove just too great.  Some years this strategy might have paid off well.  But have you been paying attention?  This is not that kind of year.

I usually attempt a bracket or two.  I usually do well until picking the Sweet 16.  The first two rounds are usually pretty straight forward.  But this year not so much.  In a year where upset seems to be the pattern how then do you pick the winners?  Do you go with an all upset pattern or do you just pick only a few?  It truly is not going to be easy and it may be impossible.  Although every year there is somebody out there who gets almost all of them right....probably with a computer program.

But for the rest of us, we have to go off a little research, a little luck and a lot of guessing.  What if it all goes wrong though?  What if the pattern of upset comes to a complete halt during the tourney and we have all been led down the primrose path only to find out the winners are the higher ranked teams?  What then?  

For me it will turn out much like it always does, good for a while and then a complete tragedy of epic proportions.  And yet I will persist.  I keep thinking I will get luckier than the year before.  Perhaps you do too.  

Whatever your reason, good luck with that.