child pleaseIn sports prognostication, many people like to go solely off the wins and loss record. They base everything on even single games won or lost and then generalize an entire team around that. So it is with this year's Patriots, Packers and 49ers.

These three teams are so much better than their records and so much better than what a lot of the sports media would have the viewers believe. These three teams are most assuredly going to win their divisions. The current records are irrelevant. The teams are better than most of the rest of the NFL regardless of what some would have you believe.

The Patriots have lost the games they have by a total of 4 points. Yes, they lost but they didn't lose by wide margins. They were not playing awful football. The team is still the team. The team is still probably the best team in the NFL. They have all the weapons times 2 at almost every single position. It's not like this team is going to do anything other than win their division and find themselves back in the playoffs. It's just that simple. These losses do not diminish their talent and their ability to do what is necessary to finish at the top.

The Packers had some tough losses this season and then they go to an undefeated Houston team (over rated for certain) and beat them in such a way as to make them seem like a college team. Aaron Rogers is most probably the best quarterback in the NFL. Yes, even better than Brady. The reason why is his release. It is almost super human quick. No other QB in the league can compete with his ability to get the ball from the snapper to the receiver. It's almost blindingly fast. The Packers will win their division just as they should.

The 49ers are a little more complex but still they are better than their record. The 49ers have the best defense in the NFL. And as many a football great has said, defense wins championships. The NFC contender for the Super Bowl will come from either the Packers or the 49ers. One of these teams will be in the big show. Barring some major injury to a key play such as their QB, these two teams will be there at the end of the season looking for a ticket to the big dance. Harbaugh is treading very close to dangerous ground in how he is trying to MAKE Kapernick play but the team is still very, very good.

All the talking heads who say things like, the Patriots are just not working on all cylinders or the Packers are struggling or the 49ers are not as good as we had predicted before the season started....child please. These three teams will win their divisions and they will all be in the playoffs and most likely two of them will be in the Super Bowl. Anything else is just so much air time and page ink filler.