NFL3Week 12 of the NFL season is upon us and there are but five games left after this week in the regular season. There are a few things that NFL fans need to know if they don't already, so let's all learn shall we.

There are some teams for which this NFL season is over already. Regardless of what they do in the last five games (6 games if they didn't play Thanksgiving Day), their seasons are done. Some of them, their seasons were done from about week one. The Eagles, Panthers, Rams, Jets, Browns, Jags, Raiders and Chiefs. They are done. Some through injury, some by the fact they were never going to have a good season to begin with. These teams could pack it in now and not be that much worse off. Several of these teams will lose their head coaches. For some it may make a difference, for others the head coach isn't going to fix what ails them.

The two teams where a change of head coach is not going to fix all that ails them are the Eagles and the Jets. These teams have far bigger problems than their head coach. I believe Andy Reid is a good coach. I think he's got two serious team problems. One, his quarterback in the way he plays the game is not durable. He cannot be counted on to be healthy week in and week out. The second, players on the team do not believe in the quarterback they have. Without this, a team cannot be successful regardless of who is coaching. This leads me to the Jets. Rex Ryan is NOT a good football coach. He believes that his job is to get the NY media and fans talking about anything other than what the team does on the field. So they bring in Tim Tebow NOT to play but to be a distraction. That was the only reason he was brought to the Jets. Rex Ryan creates controversy off the field with everything he says and does so as to move the spotlight from the field to the press room, to the tabloids. Mark Sanchez is not even a serviceable quarterback. He attempts far too many passes with far too few completions. The team does not believe in him as a leader. And Tim Tebow is not an answer for the Jets or anyone else at quarterback. This team needs a complete overhaul and it's not likely to get one. So NY Jets fans can expect more of the same. The Eagles may make changes but I doubt they will be the ones they truly need to make.

Teams in the middle with an outside shot at the post season include the Cowboys, Vikings, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, Bengals, and Colts. These teams could make the post season at the outside with everything else going their way. Some wins, some other teams losing, some luck. But for most of these teams luck seems to be in short supply. The Cowboys continue to be the team they've been the past few years. One with a mediocre quarterback who folds when he should lead, star players who are all about themselves and not the team, an owner who would cut off his nose to spite his face to remain owner and GM. The Cowboys will never be any better. They will probably fire Jason Garrett, a mistake. They will give Romo a big new deal, Jerry Jones will still be there, Dez Bryant and crew will remain. No leadership, mediocre, failing in the spotlight. Nothing will change. Saints will continue to pay the price of their legal woes and woeful defense. Steelers are too banged up and too old. Vikings, Seahawks and Bengals will fail down the stretch. That leaves two - Redskins and Colts. Both teams led by outstanding rookie QBs. There's already talk of MVP awards. Premature, but if either team makes the playoffs, definitely a possibility for MVP. These are two teams to watch.

That leaves the top of the heap. Giants, Packers, Bears, Falcons, 49ers, Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Broncos. The Giants are atop their division with a 6-4 record. That's not exactly awe inspiring despite the media's constant adulation of Eli Manning. The Bears have to get past the Packers and they have to do it with a QB that has a hard time staying healthy. The 49ers are in the midst of a QB shift and it remains to be seen if Kapernick can keep bringing the firepower. That leaves Packers, Falcons, Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Broncos. In the end, these will be the teams that will be fighting it out for a trip to the Super Bowl. If these teams keep winning, this is what the post season will come down to. Can you look at these teams and tell me why they are playing so well? It's not one thing. It's not one person. These teams play....as a team. They play on offense, they play on defense, they play on special teams, they play on the sidelines, they play in the stands. These are teams from the owners to the waterboys. Teams that believe in themselves and each other. These are the teams that win championships.

So to sum up here's what you need to know about the NFL. Some teams were done from game 1, some are done now. Some teams can be fixed and some teams will never be fixed. Some teams are playing well and some teams are just better at being teams. Five weeks remain in the regular season, but only a fool can't see the post season.