wildThe NFL regular season is over. Many teams have gone home empty handed. Head coaches and general managers are falling like snowflakes on what is known as "Black Monday". But there is more football to be played and it is time to get wild.

The post season wild card match ups begin this Saturday and in general lend themselves to being very unpredictable. So many things can affect how a team plays in the post season and it is always hard to pick the winners. On paper games look like they will be close and then some of them will turn into blow outs. You just never know. One thing we do know, which teams will be playing.

The first wildcard match ups feature the Cincinnati Bengals vs the Houston Texans and the Minnesota Vikings vs the Green Bay Packers. The Bengals are the team many are discounting right from the start, which is a mistake. Quietly under the radar, the Bengals have had themselves quite a good season. They are a balanced team and to discount them out of hand sets teams up for failure. The Texans have struggled the last few games and definitely are lacking momentum going into the post season. If the Texans take the Bengals lightly, they will come out on the losing end of things.

The Vikings/Packers game is a rematch less than a week later. The game was close but the difference was Adrian Peterson. He gashed the Packers defense over and over and over. Come Saturday if the Packers have no answer for Peterson, the outcome will be the same as it was on Sunday. I look for Aaron Rogers to come out and try to build a big lead or at least put up a lot of points to make the Vikings have to keep doing the same. This could be a high scoring affair and a great game to watch.

The Sunday wildcard match ups include the Indianapolis Colts vs the Baltimore Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks vs the Washington Redskins. These games are filled with rookies. Three rookie quarterbacks, rookie running backs. Youth rules in these games for the most part. The Ravens are the veteran team here and they have been to many post seasons. Many an expert is relying on the return of Ray Lewis for the Ravens to be the difference maker in that match up. I think there is too much putting all the eggs in one basket with that train of thought. I think the Colts are excited, exciting and inspired, which could be a deadly combination for the Ravens.

All bets are off in the Seahawks/Redskins game. These teams are explosive and have a lot of unknowns. How will these rookies perform on this big stage? Can the Seahawks win on the road? Is RGIII the best rookie in the league? One thing is certain it will be exciting to watch!

I hate picking winners in the post season, it is just too unpredictable. I love watching though. Some of the best games are those that lead up to the Super Bowl and I think this year is no exception. Who's ready?? Let's get wild!