time"You may delay but time will not."

Benjamin Franklin said those words and for this year's shortened NBA season they couldn't be more true. Teams may delay winning but time will not delay the end of the season being upon them before they know it. A losing streak, even a short one this season, may mean no post season for any team who does so.

Several teams this year in the NBA have started off slowly. Some more so than others, but the clock is ticking already. The season just opened up on December 25 and there are already teams people are writing off. A short losing streak in a 66 game season could be the end of a season before it even gets started.

The Celtics of course have one of the worst starts going now sitting at 0-3. They haven't won a single game so far this season. Yes, they have injuries, but as I said, a short losing streak becomes comparable to a huge losing streak in a regular season. Many sports media people have already written the Celtics off and we are only 3 games into the season.Celtics

There are also several 0-2 teams this season as well. One of which won the NBA Championship last season. The 0-2 starters include the Mavericks, the Pistons, the Wizards, the Timberwolves, the Jazz, the Suns, and the Grizzlies. Out of these teams most people are concentrated on the Mavericks who many thought would start the season much better. However, they may be suffering from title winner backlash. The rest of these 0-2 teams are really not that surprising.

Writing the Celtics off at this point would be a mistake. They have had injuries to deal with and those who have written them off in the past have discovered the error of their ways. The only difference is that this season they have far less time with which to recover. They need to start now if they want to get past this abysmal start.

HeatOn the other side, two teams have gotten off to a very good start. The Heat and the Thunder both at 3-0. The Thunder have had the gift of an easy schedule to start outside of the Magic with the Grizzlies and Timberwolves. The Heat started out with the Mavs, Celtics and the Bobcats. While the Heat handled the Mavs and Celtics with ease, they struggled against the Bobcats coming away with just a 1 point win. But in this short season, a win is a win and all that matters.

It will be interesting to see how this season plays out. There are now only 63 games to go and they will be here and gone before you know it. Teams have little time to adjust, get healthy, regroup and turn their seasons around. The time is short.