LeBron JamesAll to often coaches talk about players not having the heart and that inner drive that it takes to be a champion. Fathers tell this same sentiment to their children to search for that inner championship drive and all to often we mock the failure of others in life for failing to have this trait. We all have knocked LeBron James for not having that inner championship drive that drove Michael Jordan’s Championship success. Or for LeBron being a true champion by leaving and going to play elsewhere to try to win he won’t be in the same conversation as Jordan. Maybe LeBron doesn’t need to be in the same conversation Jordan because he’s not selfish, maybe Jordan doesn’t need to be in the same conversation with LeBron James because he is a team player a more complete player?

For everything LeBron has done in leaving Jordan and Magic wouldn’t because they were all stubborn and selfish – it was obviously all about them no need to go back and check the words our idols said it and most of us believed it and what did they say again. They wouldn’t have changed teams, “I”, there is no “I” in team so now how you gonna coach and own a team? The big boss, Boss Hoggin’ golfin’ with Roscoe, Tiger and the biggest clown Barkley with cigars half lit. Hang on no need for anyone to start trying to back peddle on words if and when the kid ever gets it together and wins in. But really it’s not about if he wins it it’s about sacrifice and challenges of life as it is presented. Have any of us had $90 Million dollars from Nike pushed in your face for anything you have ever done or dreamed of? I know I haven’t so that right there is beyond me I was in a verbal war on ESPN hoping the Feds got involved so maybe I could hand them a copy of my resume and show them the type of guy I’ve been interacting with random people in life and how sensible I can be but I guess that was selfish of me or maybe I’m tired of the fact no one gets that there are a group of people blogging that are understanding the game as true fans and players playing a game they love for the love like sometimes when we find a song we like and blare it over and over again and again or again is that just me?

Sure LeBron didn’t go about things the way I would have or you would have but no one on this planet has had to go through what LeBron James has gone through either. Think about how Jordan felt when he shared that championship with his dad and every conversation they had before and after that and the fact he never had the opportunity to say good-bye like he would today if he could. Now think about the fact LeBron now has some low-life now trying to claim those moments LeBron missed out on all as LeBron himself is dealing with his own sons. I mean look at what a selfish game the game can ultimately be, so to ease some of his burden he went to play with friends make the game easy isn’t that the basics what coaches teach no “I” in team pass the ball rebound get back on “D” that ‘s all I still hear myself yelling at the t.v. until I peep the highlights 10 minutes before the hour on ESPN. There’s LeBron swooping in blocking another shot again and the dunks you know the caught off a lob or a board flush those two/to make the top10 so what is it again that Jordan has that Bron doesn’t? Oh the rings.

Yes I too believe LeBron needs those as well but again that is a legacy Jordan doesn’t hold not by himself not tied for and not the greatest at it, sorry the stats as to what HAPPENED are in the books until the next round of greats hang them up and get into the Hall of Fame. Jordan’s stat line is done his rings are done he couldn’t beat Kareem who did it with as many team and names yet stayed consistent enough as the same player to hold the scoring record. then the list goes up the greatest winner William Felton not Jordan! LeBron has done selfish thing and did a selfish thing leaving Cleveland in the manner of his announcement but he’s always given the city of Cleveland more reason to smile than cry this summer will quickly be forgotten as his team wins and he puts up Oscar Robertson type numbers something Jordan couldn’t do consistently because he was selfish not great great player makes average players better, he assist them they will rebound for them and talk to them, you know being a father figure, coaching. He wasn’t looking for a friend in Mike Brown he needed a coach a team to take him in and make it a comfortable family situation.